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Itoshisa to Setsunasa to (Lyrics)
恋しさと せつなさと 心強さと
いつも感じている あなたへと向かって
あやまちは 恐れずに 進むあなたを
涙は見せないで 見つめていたいよ
情報の波 飲み込まれる度
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 3 11
Taiyo no Shisha (Lyrics and Translation)
空だ, 海だ
鉄人…鉄人… 28号!
(guitar solo)
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 3 11
Taiyo no Shisha Parody by MDTartist83 Taiyo no Shisha Parody :iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 4 7
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

I've talked about a lot of anime cartoons in the past. I've uncovered titles like Akira, 8-Man, Mazinger Z, Tetsujin 28, Voltron, Street Fighter II, Area 88, Ronin Warriors, and Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics. But there are several other series which I have not yet covered, which I plan to sometime in the near future. But for now, I thought I'd take this time to talk about a series that I've learned about roughly a few years ago, which I didn't know about until that point in time. The show I am talking about is of course, “Ginga Nagareboshi Gin”. Written in Japanese as “銀牙: 流れ星 銀&
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 4 48
Loch Ness Monster Vintage Cartoon Style by TheKindArtist Loch Ness Monster Vintage Cartoon Style :iconthekindartist:TheKindArtist 57 8 Kurfust list updated AGAIN XD by DingoPatagonico Kurfust list updated AGAIN XD :icondingopatagonico:DingoPatagonico 34 207
Road Rovers: Generation Zero
Just recently, I decided to do something that I'm not so sure any other RR fan has decided to do. I'm currently working on a prequel series which takes place before the Road Rovers cartoon show that we all know and love, and it dates back 20 years before the cartoon. The story begins in the year 1974, and revolves around a young Dr. Shepherd and his assistant Jeffrey as they graduate from the University of Science in San Francisco California, and set a course to accomplish the unthinkable; to merge the genes of a human and an animal to create an entirely unique life form. They discover a radioactive substance from an old mine that was abandoned ages ago, and once they've retrieved it, they use it to power up the prototype transdogmafier. Unfortunately, their first experiment was a complete failure when the procedure kills Jeffrey's dog Fido, rather than mutate him into an anthropomorphic talking dog. Enraged, Jeffrey scolds Shepherd for Fido's death, and
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 6 80
MDT Circuit by MDTartist83 MDT Circuit :iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 13 10
The Alpha and Omega Series

Let me just start this off by saying that since the franchise's inception in 2010, I have grown a fondness for the first film in the series despite its mixed to negative reception from casual movie goers and critics alike. This is me being perfectly honest, people. While the original "Alpha and Omega" is far from a perfect film, it was at least watchable, tolerable, and had some artistic value and merit to it. It wasn't exactly a groundbreaking masterpiece, but it was at least decent. But sadly, by the time the second movie came out, that's when things went into a drastic downward spiral for the series. Like I said in a previous review, the first movie was good. But the sequels are just abysmal by comparison. Plagued with lackluster animation, bad characterization, rancid morals, corny jokes that are not funny, stupid and nonsensical plots that make even the Ruby Spears Megaman cartoon look less stupid, and lack of continuity. Where do I
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 6 35



PREY(2017) is epic. Just wanted to say that.
Just wanted to write that I think PREY (2017) is underrated in my opinion.
First practice art of 2018
First drawing/practice art as of 1/1/2018! Hope this year will be a great and improved year! :)
Okay, thought I write a little update on PREY: So far, cool and interesting game. I love the non-linear gameplay, create your own paths and ways. But I have a small problem with the game: For some reason, the split items option when you use the recycler doesn't work or even appear; you can't break junk apart and split it into different slacks. On some new gameplay, it's there. But other times, it's not. I'm trying to figure out what's causing the problem. Hope it can be fix or if I'm doing something wrong. 
Got Prey for ps4 today. Really interesting game. Need to play it more.
Hey everyone! Just writing this belief journal to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Hope you are all good and safe!

Merry Christmas! And a happy New Year!

Merry christmas everybody Christmas- Deerling Christmas Emote :merry christmas: christmas la Christmas La 

Merry Christmas to you all :iconnixtack:,:iconmightymousefan78:,:iconthekindartist:,:iconlucasso972:,:iconfirefox-fever:, :iconprinceangelo100:, :iconthe-green-mint:,:iconarizonastraydog:,:iconkali69:,:iconsubzero2497:,:icondaylight-lycanroc:,:iconwolfgangcake:,:iconmdtartist83:,:iconcylnx:,:iconzaftigbunnypress:,:iconsouleatersaku90:,:iconfail-seeker:,:iconajayrulezzz:,:iconnightmarefurry:,:iconmaria-schreuders:,:iconpridescrossing:,:icondinaminzer:,:iconjdragon567:,:iconryo007:, :iconiron-confederate:,:iconunkownbrony52:,:icontrebornehoc:,:iconmramp:,:iconzirrathegoldenfox:,:iconstopsigndrawer81:,:iconswat-kats-fanclub:,:iconkristensk:,:iconwolfjedisamuel:,:iconignigeno:,:iconkanogetz:,:iconejhusky:,:icondingofan:,:iconshadowpantherkat:,:iconsinewypendels:,:icongeneralmanx:,:iconatariboy2600:,:icons-moonshadow:,:iconmoonlightstrider:,:iconshadowstalker55:,:iconartaith-21: and to those I didn't mention, Merry Christmas!


United States
-I'm straight/Heterosexual.
-I draw occasionally. It's a on and off thing, but I aspire to create and improve my art in the future.
-I have a love for muscular anthro art.
-And a love for art in general.
-I have a few other interests.
-I also aspire to be an filmmaker, animator, director, being able to make my own movies with my own film production. I have an interest in traditional animation and anime. Not so interested in 3D/CGI animation much. Nor live-action or much of stop-motion for that matter.
-For those to know, Kyle or KyleReyonld280 is my DA name, not my real name. However, feel free to call me Kyle or KyleReyonld280. That's perfectly fine.
-I've got many other favorite movies that I have not listed because they're so numerous.
-I am a die-hard fan of Alien(1979). I also love Aliens, and even Alien 3. I don't like Alien Resurrection film though. Alien:Isolation rocks! Alien Vs. Predator 2 by Monolith is amazing! I love Prometheus and like Alien: Covenant too. But Alien(1979) is the badass best favorite film of mine.
Also, I love Predator(1987 and Terminator (1984).

My Likes:
-Favorite Anime: Memories(1995) Neo-Tokyo, Robot Carnival, AKIRA, Sherlock Hound, Martin Mystery, Street Fight 2 the animated movie
-My favorite animated films: Titan A.E, Balto,Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Warner Bros. Animation
-My favorite game: One of my #1 favorite is Resident Evil 4!
Including: Resident Evil 1, Alien: Isolation, Alien versus Predator(2010), Alien Vs. Predator 2 (2002)The Evil Within, Dead Space, Dishonored, Kinetica, Primal (PS2), PREY (2017)

-My favorite artists: God, :iconfirefox-fever:, :iconwolfgangcake:,:iconcylnx:, :iconzaftigbunnypress:,:iconmdtartist83:, H.R Giger, whoever comes to mind.

-I love music; my tastes vary, from Rock, Classical, Celtic, old and new

Favorite TV series:Road Rovers, Courage the Cowardly Dog, FIREFLY, etc..

-I have many favorite movies.

-I love being eclectic, creative and learning new stuff.
-Variety is the spice of life
-My quote: "I don't make promises, I want to exceed others expectations".
-Quote: "The man who keeps his sanity and grounds, while others loses theirs, is the victor."
-"Those who know nothing of the past are condemned to repeat it."

My Dislikes:

-TV shows I dislike:
South Park, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Family Guy, Ren and Stimpy .

-Movies I dislike:
Rosemary's Baby, Wes Anderson movies, Sucker Punch, Human centipede, SAW films, poltergeist, Scott Pilgrim, MCU, DCEU, Christopher Nolan films, GHOSTBUSTERS(2016)

-Videogames I dislike:
Metal Gear Solid, Life is Strange

-Music I dislike:
Rap, nightcore and country

That's it about me.


Anyways, thanks for checking out my artwork! Hope you like! Feel free to watch!


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